by Dave Kellam

A fairly uneventful day. I

A fairly uneventful day. I have to write a couple of articles for the paper on sunday. We’re doing a split theme issue, it should be pretty good. I had a couple of classes and a meeting today, that’s about it. Now, it’s friday night have time to have some fun.

September 28, 2001

My webcam isn’t working right

My webcam isn’t working right now. I put a tv card in my computer, now the only input the webcam software will take is from the tv card. I have to play around with it. Then I installed windows xp and the drivers for the tv card don’t work. Now I have lots of stuff that doesn’t work. It is convenient to be able to turn on a news broadcast or something when you’re working at the computer.

September 28, 2001

Everyone believes that tomorrow is

Everyone believes that tomorrow is the future. We have no concept of tomorrow and no concept of the future. Everyday brings new trials and tribulations. Things we aren’t prepared for, the world throws us for a loop. Just role with the punches and fuck the rest of it.

September 27, 2001

Right now I’m sitting here

Right now I’m sitting here trying to finish off the Heart of Darkness for class tonite. I have a meeting for my business class in half an hour and class at seven, hmm.

I went to the weezer concert in Toronto last night. It was a great show, but weezer fans kind of suck, you’d just like to punch some of them.

This past weekend was homecoming, which is basically a lot of drunk old people and a lot of parties. I went to the football game on saturday afternoon, queen’s actually won. They have a parade at half time with the alumni, everyone stands around and screams while some of the old engineers try to surf up into the crowd. I decided to goto the washroom at halftime, I got sidetracked by the beer garden the was right beside it. Somehow, the people who I was with ended up in there as well. Time to read some more.

September 25, 2001

Well, Microsoft seems to have

Well, Microsoft seems to have made a relatively spill proof keyboard. I accidently dumped half a can of coke onto it and it still appears to work. We’ll see as time goes on.

September 17, 2001

My hosuemate started banging on

My hosuemate started banging on the wall, telling me to turn down my music. I pulled my headphones out of the desk, to finish the end of the song. I’m sitting there listening to the static, but it’s not static. I’m picking up a radio station or something. I can here “I can’t help, falling in love with you”. I take off the headphones. No one else is playing the song, so it’s obviously something weird with the headphones. Who knows.

September 16, 2001

More sporadic updates. Class started

More sporadic updates. Class started this week, and then the disaster in New York and Washington. I just haven’t been online much the last couple days. There’s a new issue of golden words up.

September 12, 2001

Man, it’s been a weak

Man, it’s been a weak effort by me at keeping this thing updated the last couple days. I’ve been having some fun, meeting up with people I haven’t seen in months and getting ready for school.

I decided to look at the campus bookstore online last night and it’s probably going to cost me about $500 for books this semester, tons of fun. On a cheaper note, I found a few relatively inexpensive cd’s at the sidewalk sale yesterday (david bowie – black tie white noise, daft punk – homework and manic street preachers – know your enemy).

On the movie front, I watched WarGames this morning. It’s an old movie, one of the first ‘hacking’ ones I believe. It can be fun to see all the old technology with big blinking lights and whatnot. It was funny because the movie was airing on the history channel and tbs. It didn’t really seem like something that the history channel would play.

Lastly, we have website updates. First off, I updated conform a few minutes ago. I’ve had the image around for a couple days but didn’t find the time to post it. The first issue of golden words is online, I wrote one article. It took me longer than expected to get it online, but I figure it’ll get easier once I get used to the system. Oh, there’s a new splash too.

September 8, 2001

Really, I just haven’t been

Really, I just haven’t been all that interested in posting anything the last week or so. That and I’ve been spending very little time on the computer. I did end up seeing jay and silent bob strike back. I also watched army of darkness. Jay and Silent Bob had some really funny moments, but there was a little bit too much of them. There also wasn’t enough jason lee, he’s a damn good actor. The movie would be harder to watch if you hadn’t seen kevin smith’s other movies. There’s a tie-in website as well.

September 3, 2001

The first day of the

The first day of the month, that means rent is due. Time for a trek downtown to my landlords office, even though he won’t be there and it isn’t really a trek. We’ll just slip the envelope under the door.

September 1, 2001