Bananas and Cream

Classes finished up on friday, so did a week full of assignments. Now exam time approaches. I took the weekend pretty easy, just had some fun and let loose. Now I’m going to head home for a couple of days, hang out with the family and get some studying done. It was my brother’s birthday yesterday, so I’ll need to pick something up for him. He told me he picked himself up a present in an Atari 2600… something else to get distract me over the next couple days.

It’s always tough when someone calls it quits online, especially when you’ve been reading their website regularly for awhile. So, I wish Simon the best in whatever he chooses to do. Endings and beginnings seem to walk hand-in-hand… Suffocate has had an active mailing list for the last couple of days — something we haven’t had in months. So it’s looking like we’re going to have some action again. I’ll have more time soon, so I think I’ll try and get Conform up and running again. I never officially closed it, just kind of gave up on things. At any rate…

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