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I think it’s more fun to be a resident of Ontario than a resident of California. Our leadership race with two candidates provides more entertainment than a field of 130 laced with actors. Check out this article on some of the mudslinging in Ontario’s election race. This is a copy of the actual email that was sent by a staffer at Ernie Eves’ campain headquarters:

Subject: Dear Mister McGuinty

Dear Mister McGuinty

An Occasional Bulletin from Ernie Eves Campaign Headquarters

September 12, 2003

There came a fork in “the high road.” The Liberals took it.

“Ernie Eves is either incompetent and doesn’t know his own platform, or he is purposely misleading Ontario voters.”

— Deputy Liberal Leader Sandra “Better Angels of our Nature” Pupatello, September 12, 2003

“The Eves government isn’t just incompetent. It can actually put you in the hospital – or worse.”

— Hamilton Mountain Liberal MPP Marie “Is Everybody Happy?” Bountrogianni, September 11, 2003

“You can’t trust Ernie Eves when it comes to nuclear safety.”

— St. Paul’s Liberal MPP Michael “China Syndrome” Bryant, September 11, 2003

These jolly, positive, “Who-me-fear-monger?” pronouncements beg a simple question:

“Who really speaks for the Ontario Liberal Party?

Dalton McGuinty. He’s an evil reptilian kitten eater from another planet. (sorry)

There isn’t a whole lot to the article, other than Eves not actually retracting the statement, rather acknowledging that it was over the top and that his staffers should be given less coffee.

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