Flickr badge plugin for WordPress

flickrRSS badge plugin for WordPress

This plugin allows you to display a flickr style badge (for a tag, user, user tag or group pool) on your WordPress site. It uses MagpieRSS to parse the RSS feed and display the images. The plugin can also cache the images locally and display image title tags. The plugin is configurable via an Options panel.

Update: the plugin page has moved here. (Jan 2nd, 2006)


February 28, 2005

A Vernacular Web

A Vernacular Web – a different world
“In todays web blogs compensate for over precise search engines by delivering a constant stream of surprise links. It’s an interesting evolutionary paradox when you remember that old-school link collections were created to compensate, through human intervention, for the rough search engine results.”

February 24, 2005

But I want a giant robot

Ever heard of Steel Battallion for Xbox? No? Probably has something to do with the $199 price-tag. Tavis found a copy of it for cheap at Toys R’ Us. The game has such a high cost because it comes with a massive 2-joystick, 40-button controller , complete with an eject button that has a flip-up lid. I will need to see it with my own eyes.

February 22, 2005