Google costume

Need a costume for tonight? In a pinch, going as Google Image Search seems relatively easy, but you’ll probably need body armor or a helmet to stave off the inevitable beating.

October 31, 2005

Clubbed to death

We have loads of new Seal Club action coming at you. First off, a quick redesign. Got rid of the old look in favour of a cleaner, whiter layout. The page is now entirely swathed in Garamondy goodness or some other serif font.

Now for the fresh meat. Two new interviews for 5Q: Naz Hamid of Absenter and Joen Asmussen of NoScope. They’re fairly short and won’t take too long to read. While we’re on the subject here’s a quick visual recap of the five interviews so far:

Joen Asmussen

Naz Hamid

Khoi Vinh

Michael Heilemann

Eduardo Recife

That is all.

October 27, 2005

myStatus plugin for WordPress

Introducing my latest plugin for wordpress: myStatus. It allows you to create a simple personal status page to let the world know what you’re working on.

October 26, 2005