by Dave Kellam

Our tired FOI system

Canada’s freedom of information system is a little bit outdated.

The authors criticized Canada FOI law as an antiquated system that generally prevents citizens from filing requests electronically and compels them to submit paper cheques to cover fees. Under the Access to Information Act, any resident of Canada can request government-controlled information, such as a bureaucrat’s expense claims or a minister’s briefing notes, for an initial $5 fee. The application is subject to a range of exemptions.

Paper, cheques… seriously? I’m sure we can do better.

January 9, 2011 ·

Catching the pest

How China won and Russia lost. An interesting read on the driving factors behind China’s apparent economic success and Russia’s failure, while implementing seemingly similar policies. The gist of it is that many of China’s reforms came bottom-up, gradually making their evolving from rural agrarian practices, while Russia’s reforms used a top-down government mandated approach.

December 11, 2009 ·